KU’s 28h Convocation: 1962 students conferred degrees, 187 gold medals

KARACHI: As many as 1962 students were awarded degrees at the 28th Convocation of University of Karachi held on Saturday at its Valika Ground.

A the convocation, 187 gold medals were also awarded to the students who secured first positions in their respective departments. More than 10,000 people attended the convocation which made it the largest academic gathering of the country.

Speaking on the occasion, former alumni of University of Karachi and presently the Chancellor KU, Governor Sindh MohammadZubair congratulated the graduating students, faculty and the Vice Chancellor for holding the largest convocation of the country. “It is a great honor for me to come at my alma mater as the Chancellor KU, which is one of the most distinguished academic institutions of the country. KU has already remained amongst my top priorities and the federal government has approved the establishment of medical college and hospital of the University of Karachi in Karachi package which has been announced by the Prime Minister as well. Federal government will continue supporting Karachi University”

He announced that the ground breaking ceremony for the medical college and hospital will be held in a month by the federal government.

“It is heartening to see the majority of female students in the graduating student which is a sign that in Pakistan, the women are empowered. 75 to 80 percent of the students in varsities are girls out of whom only around 15 percent girls continue their professional lives while remaining majority leave their professional careers soon which is disheartening. It’s the moral responsibility of our female graduates to repay their society with their studies”, he added.

Lauding the efforts of the Vice Chancellor Prof. Dr. MohammadAjmal Khan, Governor Sindh said that in just a short span of one year, two convocations are being held, the positive change is visible; the faculty must support Dr. Ajmal Khan in his initiatives which will prove to be vital for varsity’s progress in the longer run.

He further added that whenever you will ensure transparency, you will face opposition. Today, parents deserve all the appreciation, they are happy today seeing their students graduate today. Faculty members are not the most rewarded people in the country but they must be given their due credit for training their students.

The Vice Chancellor KU Professor DrMohammadAjmal Khan while addressing the convocation said that universities are the seats of learning where knowledge is not only created but also dispensed.

“I have brought changes to improve the working in the administration by stopping leaks and hindrances, improved working atmosphere. Despite not having a full time director finance, we worked very hard to improve our fiscal conditions by taking several positive measures that have created great difference including installation of water meters which led the saving of 75 million Rupees per year in the bills. We are working on several aspects to bring financial stability”

He thanked Governor Sindh for his interest and support in convincing federal government to include a medical complex for KU in Karachi package.

He further added that our Asian ranking has improved from 251 to 125 which is a great achievement in such a short span of time. 1700 research papers of KU faculty published this year in journals of international repute.

“We are also streamlining the examination department, we have already dented the old system and we hope to eradicate the malpractice from examination department for good. I promised the teachers during the last convocation that their pending selection boards will be held; I am delighted to inform that cases pending from advertisement of 2012-2013 are almost and hope to finish remaining selection boards soon. We also took a more formidable challenge to make our admission process online and we were successful in that. This initiative enabled students to submit their applications from their homes so that they don’t have to come to university and stand in long lines”, Dr. Khan informed the audience.

He thanked the Chief Minister of Sindh by added that I am also indebted to the Chief Minister of Sindh for approving a project costing 520 Million to improve our water and sewerage system. He also provided 100 Million grant to support our budget during the last fiscal year. This year he has also approved 200 Million for us and we expect to receive the payment shortly. I am also hearing news that a summary of about 500 Million at his desk and I am sure that he will approve this too. I would like to thank honorable chief Minister for his kind help and support to KU.

“A developing country could only become developed if it invests in science. Governments need to invest sustainably for at least three decades in promoting and sustaining science culture in Pakistan which would lead to quality science and eventually will produce technology that will make this country rich”.

In total, 1962 students were awarded degrees in which 211 degrees were awarded in BA Hons, 17 in B.E, 11 in B.ED, 10 in B.L.I.S., 155 in B.S. 19 in BS(CS), 16 in BS(SE), 3 in BBA (hons), 7 in BPA (Hons), 283 in B.Sc (Hons), 15 in LL.B, 355 in M.A., 2 in M.A (E & F), 11 in MAS, 69 in MBA, 34 in M.Com, 16 in M.C.S., 35 in M.H.R.M., 4 in M.I.B.F., 5 in M.L.I.S., 43 in M.P.A., 11 in MPP, 408 in M.SC., 127 in Pharm.D, 1 in M.D., 21 M.Phil. while 73 PhD. degrees were awarded.