QUETTA: Two government parties had unleashed corruption. We have supported no trust motion in a democratic manner. Constitution has given us a way for the people. Had there not been Maulana Fazlur Rehman this government could not exist for four years. If office of President of Pakistan is offered even then JUI would not stay away from its decision. Today no trust would be moved and when there is voting there will be our victory. All the parties including Opposition parties would not meet Prime Minister during his visit to Quetta.

These views were expressed by Leader of Opposition in Balochistan assembly Maulana Abdul Wasay at a Press conference at assembly Chamber here Monday. Members of Assembly Sarfraz Bugti, Quddus Bizenjo, Zamrak Achakzai, Tahir Mahmood Khan, Abdul Majid Abro, Mufti Gulab, Jan Jamali and others were also present.

Maulana Wasay said Home Minister had no powers. He told me several times that he has no authority to even transfer a sepoy. Therefore all the parties filed a no trust move against the government Opposition has announced to support this. He said referred to government failures and incompetency several times but owing to lack of required strength we did not succeed. But now fiends have supported us and we have moved no trust and taken measures for its success.

He said whenever Opposition raises voice against democracy and non competence it has become a tradition that it is called a conspiracy. He said we are satisfied as we have brought no trust against the government in a democratic and constitutional manner. If our stance and policy is undemocratic then experts in the government should tell us what mistake we have made.

Maulana Wasay said raising voice for right of province is our duty. Government in office lapsed Rupees 50 billion every year and thus returned Rupees 200 billion during four years and handed over to other provinces. What is incompetency bigger than this. Present government also sowed seed of hatred in the province along with corruption. A ban has been imposed on ongoing schemes as these schemes were approved during our period in government. He said despite this entire situation we were raising voice against the government keeping eye on its inaptness at every forum. But present government went to our leader Maulana Fazlur Rehman and level allegation on him he has hand in no trust against present government. He said Jamiat has a clear stance and policy. We would not retreat from our constitutional and democratic stance even if we are offered office of Governor, President and Prime Minister.

He said all the parties including Opposition have decided not to meet Prime Minister nor listen to him because during four and half years he did not ask our situation.

Today we would not listen to him. He said we always took care for principles. When former Chief Minister Sardar Akhtar Mengal and former chief Minister Nawab Aslam Raisani’s governments were ended in an undemocratic manner we did not remain silent. But when today government was being ended in a democratic way we would not remain silent but topple present inept government with our friends.

Zamrak Achakzai said we have majority at the movement. Prime Minister did not call our name during four and half years but today we received tow phones form Prime Minister House to meet Prime Minister at 5 pm. We refused and told till yesterday you did not ask us and today we would not listen you.