LEW awaits better garbage lifting, protective railings

Karachi: Though only one down track of the Lyari Expressway is functional, but thousands of motorists use it to save time and fuel; however, the expressway offers a sorry look due to uncollected garbage and free movement of pedestrians on it due to lack of protective barriers.

The entry point of the LEW near Sohrab Goth is almost blocked due to illegal taxi and rickshaw stands and presence of pushcart vendors. Heaps of garbage and dirt are also hallmark on this section of the expressway which casts negative impression on motorists and commuters.

The concerned authorities are not interested to remove illegal vehicle stands and encroachments of vendors at this entry point and beatify it by better garbage removal and planting saplings to make it presentable.

However, heaps of garbage could be seen on the expressway from Sohrab Goth to Mauripur Road, because many shanti towns and slums touch this expressway and their residents also freely move on this fast road, increasing risk of fatal accidents. Despite several demands to erect protective barriers between the expressway and the adjoining slums to stop dangerous movement of pedestrians, the authorities are not taking steps to protect lives of people and ensure safety of motorists and commuters.

Citizens suggest that with a better garbage lifting, removal of encroachments at the entrance of the LEW and erecting protective barriers and railing this important expressway could be made safer, cleaner and more urbanized looking.