Looting of national exchequer: NAB recovers Rs6bn from corrupt elements


QUETTA: National Accountability Bureau Balochistan has filed as many as 20 references in the accountability courts, arrested eight accused and directly and indirectly recovered approximately Rs6 billion in cash from the corrupt elements during the year 2021, according to a statement issued by NAB, Balochistan on Wednesday.

More than 150 cases of alleged corruption involving hundreds of high-ranking government officers and former and sitting members of parliament were being investigated while 120 references of billions of rupees of corruption are under trial in the honourable accountability courts?

The year 2021 proved to be a very important year for NAB Balochistan in which the verdict in the most awaited Mushtaq Raisani case was announced in which not only the accused were sentenced by the esteemed court but directives for the confiscation of the movable and immovable assets worth billions of rupees were also issued. Accountability Courts also sentenced the accused of corruption in 16 other references field by the NAB in the courts during the same span.

With the efforts of NAB Balochistan and assistance of the esteemed court, government lands worth billion of rupee in Gwadar have been saved from falling prey to corruption. In addition to taking practical steps to complete various development projects in Balochistan that have been delayed to the detriment of the national exchequer, the immediate action of the NAB has also saved thousands of people from fraud in various private housing schemes.

NAB Balochistan has formed a committee on “Land issues in Gwadar” to bring reforms in the departmental roles that lead to corruption under the National Accountability Bureau’s three-pronged strategy to curb corruption. A working paper has also been prepared for bringing reforms in the Balochistan Textbook Board.

DG NAB Balochistan Farman Ullah Khan termed corruption as the biggest challenge and threat to the economy and the survival of the country. “Corrupt elements do not deserve any leniency, public should point out corruption and corrupt elements, NAB will take immediate action in accordance with the NAO 1999. He further said that NAB was committed to prevent corruption and ensure merit and transparency.

DG NAB Balochistan emphasized that under the leadership of National Accountability Bureau Chairman, Justice Javed Iqbal, NAB has been pursuing the policy of “Accountability for All “. Stressing the need for joint efforts against the menace of corruption, he said that “Elimination of corruption is our collective national responsibility. He hoped that the sun of the New Year will rise for us with the rays of a corruption free Pakistan.

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