LRBT hospital gets Fundus camera

Karachi: Pakistan State Oil (PSO), the largest oil marketing company in the country, donated Rs24.6million to the LRBT for specialized state of the art ophthalmic equipment to be used as a diagnostic tool for Diabetic Retinopathy/Age Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD)/Congenital Retinal diseases/Glaucoma as well as managing its treatment.

LRBT is the largest eye care facility in Pakistan treating the poor for free since 1985. LRBT has 19 hospitals and 56 eye centers nationwide .This camera which has been installed at LRBT Free Eye Care Hospital, Korangi is the latest version of Fundus Camera and the very first unit installed in Pakistan. It is a state of the art diagnostic equipment integral in diagnosing retinal disorder e.g Diabetic Retinopathy a blinding complication of Diabetic Mellitus which affects 17% of our population as per Pakistan Diabetic Association Statistics. 30 % of diabetics develop diabetic retinopathy, therefore, regular fundus screening examinations of diabetics is imperative so that treatment with anti VEGF injections and/orretinal laser procedures can be started as soon as needed which will arrest the progression of the disease.

This equipment was extremely necessary at LRBT Korangi as being the largest eye hospital in the country it caters to residents of not only Karachi, but of the entire Sindh and Baluchistan province. In fact there are many patients who come from other parts of the country as well. Due to the prevailing high penetration of diabetes (17% approx..) in Pakistan as well as high percentage of visual impairment (11%) this equipment will play a phenomenal role in treating the poor patients with eye ailments. This is a great step taken by PSO towards a progressive Pakistan as after treatment these patients will be able to be productive and contributing members of the society .Other organizations should also come forward and play a part as LRBT needs continued support from organizations to make Pakistan a blindness-free nation.