Marri reacts to Maryam’s speech

ISLAMABAD: Central Information Secretary Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians and Member of the National Assembly Shazia Atta Marri alleged Tuesday that those who sent Nawaz Sharif out of the country by signing a five-year agreement with the PTI government should talk according to their level and stature.

Usman Buzdar government in Punjab had the only support of PML-N, otherwise, his government would collapse in two days, she said in a statement issued in a reaction to Maryam Nawaz’s party speech here on today.

Marri said that the resignations was an excuse by PML-N leadership, and the real purpose was to save Imran Khan’s power by postponing the long march. Ms Marri said that anti-establishment statement was merely an outburst of resentment, otherwise, they all were the chip of the same blocks and the party that conspired to weaken the PPP in Punjab with the help of the Establishment, which was still feeling proud on its heinous role.

She said that PTI had also been born from the same womb from which this party (PML-N) was born and she questioned that what kind of stance they had, which had become different in Lahore and changed in London. The PPP had been sticking to its stance since its foundation.