Tuesday, February 7

Mayor asks KMC officers to improve performance

Karachi: Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar while presiding over a high level meeting of the heads of revenue recovery departments urged the officers to bring further improvement in the recovery and achieve their target by June 2018.

He said as only collective efforts could make the organization better and strengthened; therefore, such methods should be adopted which could enhance the revenue resources.

The meeting was also attended by the Metropolitan Commissioner Dr. Asghar Abbas, Chairman Land Committee Syed Arshad Hassan, Chairman Finance Committee Nadeem Hidayat Hashmi, Chairman MUCT Rahat Hussain Siddiqui, Director Technical to Mayor S.M Shakaib and other officers.

The mayor said though some improvement was seen in the recovery performance during the third quarter of the fiscal year, but we still have to work hard to achieve the full target for the year. He said the list of all empty plots be provided along with details of NUF Recovery and the empty plots be marked with such signs that could show them as the property of KMC. He also directed that matters pertaining to KDA should be resolved, separately. He said auction is not the solution for every problem and we must use other ways and means which could make the situation better.

During the meeting, recovery position of various departments was presented to mayor along with their targets till March 2018.

The Katchi Abadies department achieved 110.67 percent of the given target whereas solid waste management achieved 150.14 percent, Works & Services Department achieved 544.07 percent of the target. However, the Store and Procurement Department had maximum recovery which is 1006.87 percent of the target for this period. The Veterinary Department also achieved 130.616 percent of its target by March 2018.