Mayor reviews ADP schemes

Karachi: Mayor Karachi Waseem Akhtar has directed the Engineering and Finance Departments to expedite the pace of work on all the schemes which are to be completed on June 2018 so that release of funds for fourth quarter could be made sure.
Uplift schemes in health and parks sector should be given priority in third quarter along with speedy work on expansion joints and pedestrian bridges so that citizens could get more facilities and convenience.

He was presiding over a meeting to review and discuss the present status of annual ADP development schemes and the allocation of funds to different departments for implementation of these works.

The meeting was also attended by the Metropolitan Commissioner Dr.  Asghar Abbas Shaikh, Chairman Works Committee Hassan Naqvi, Director General Works Shahab Anwer, Senior Director Coordination Masood Alam, Director Technical to Mayor Karachi S.M Shakaib, Director Finance Mehmood Baig, Director Finance(Engineering) Nayab Saeed and other officers.

Mayor urged the officers that the formula for allocation for ADP funds should be worked out in such a way that could further accelerate development works and provide maximum facilities to citizens in different areas of the city.

Akhtar said the health and medical sector was badly neglected in past which resulted in patients suffering due to unavailability of necessary facilities in hospitals, however this very important sector should be given priority in the implementation of development schemes.

He also directed officers to speed up the process of block allocation, quarterly release of funds, additional release and other matters through constant review and monitoring so that uplift works are completed without any hurdle.

Mayor said solving problems of citizens is the topmost responsibility of local bodies and therefore all officers must take this into consideration while implementing the development plans.