M&E Annual Report 2014-15: “Year of Improvement”


Peshawar: The Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E)Directorate of the Planning & Development Department, Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has unveiled the 5th Annual Report 2014-15 that highlights the performance of Government departments in developmental activities gauged against their set key performance indicators (KPIs) as assessed by the M&E Directorate.

The Report also reflects efforts made by the M&E Directorate to monitor and evaluate developmental activities throughout the province purposefully to ensure timely completion of the schemes within the allocated resources.

The Report reveals that during the year (2014-15), Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa remained mostly focused on Education and Health sectors, albeit without compromising importance of other sectors of development that ensured an improved service delivery to the common man.

The Annual Report is based on findings of 1,196 monitoring reports generated by M&E Directorate, covering 323 developmental schemes, dozens of evaluation studies of numerous public services delivery, special studies, and inquiries.

During the year, reports containing observations, analysis, and recommendations on each individual scheme have already been shared with the concerned executing agency for corrective measures and improvement in the system.

During the year, besides accelerating and improving the developmental work, the M&E Directorate has also saved huge amount in ADP schemes by identifying the loopholes and giving concrete recommendations to the executing agencies for improvement; Bacha Khan Medical Complex Swabi, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar (Additional Wards), and DHQ Hospital Malakand are some of the schemes in which million of rupees were saved on M&E’s pointation.

Being an internal watchdog of the Government for development activities, the M&E Directorate has become an integral part and crucial organ of the provincial planning system that is intended to make accountable implementation of government strategies towards effective achievement of goals.

The 5th Annual Report is aligned with the provincial monitoring and evaluation framework which is being published with the aim to enable the planners to formulate effective and efficient projects, programs, and activities that benefit communities and other stakeholders.

Looking ahead, the M&E Directorates determined for more dynamism and professionalism to further strengthen the monitoring and evaluation system; efforts also underway to start system-based monitoring of activities and report the same to all stakeholders on real-time basis from the coming financial year to fast track development in the Province.

M&E Directorate intends to adopt a proactive approach to significantly enhance public participation in the monitoring and evaluation processes through video-based reporting (VBR) from any corner and segment of the society.

Besides prompt institutional action on the report(s) against the ill-doers, on monthly basis the bests of the videos shall get properly acknowledged through a monetary reward system. VBR is being launched from the coming financial year, report concluded.