Thursday, February 9

Mercilessly beaten man demands action against Madeji SHO

NAUNDERO:A low paid employee of Garhi Khuda Bux Rural Health Center was mercilessly beaten up by Madeji police due to which he is unable to walk.

Zado Oad held a protest demonstration along with his sons Saturday in Naundero and told newsmen that he had gone to Madeji from Naundero to meet his relatives when two cops riding two bikes intercepted him in a street.

He said they started beating up him without any reason, snatched two mobile phones, five SIM cards, one ring and other material and then took him to Madeji police station. He said that when he was brought to SHO Fida Hussain Gopang, who instead of asking about his crime, started abusing and beating up him inhumanely due to which he fell unconscious and even then they tortured him with hot iron rod.

He said after beating, cops put him behind the bars where after some time they demanded illegal gratification to set him free. He said he was a low paid poor government servant and had nothing to do with crime. He said a fake gambling FIR was registered against him. He alleged that cops were given Rs 5000 by his relatives and Rs 3000 more would also be given to them on 23rd July after which he was released.

He said his both feet had swelled and was unable to walk, adding his sons were taking him from one place to another and to washroom. He said he would knock the doors of the court against the highhandedness of Madeji police. He appealed to Sindh Chief Minister, IGP, DIGP Larkana Irfan Baloch, SSP Shikarpur and others to take stern action against the SHO Fida Gopang, other policemen and register FIR against them for torturing him without any reason.