Thursday, December 8

Minister sees storm of unemployment, inflation

KARACHI:The federal government should pay attention towards the problems facing the people or be ready for accountability. The people have become disillusioned with the current federal rulers due to inflation, unemployment and economic collapse.

This was stated by Provincial Minister for Industries and Commerce Jam Ikramullah Dharejo in a statement on Sunday. He further said that Imran Khan’s statements sound good to the ears but the action is nothing.

“All their development is limited to speeches only. Dams, jobs, houses and schemes are only on paper. The ground realities are different,” he said in a statement. Dharejo said that the statements of Prime Minister Imran Khan had nothing to do with reality as there was a storm of unemployment and inflation in the country as Khan did not look at these matters.

He said: “PM’s ministers and advisers do not keep him informed. The entire federal cabinet was focused on statements. There was an army of spokespersons who were in charge of lying.” The minister said that the PTI government had no interest in solving the problems of the people. New scandals were coming to light everyday of federal ministers but they were still honest, he observed.