Minister: (State media directed to provide coverage to all political parties)

ISLAMABAD:Caretaker Law Minister Syed Ali Zafar has said that an implementation plan regarding merger of erstwhile FATA’s merger with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa will be deliberated tomorrow (Wednesday).

Addressing media here, he said federal and provincial implementation committees are meeting in Peshawar on Wednesday this matter. The Minister said an ordinance is likely to be issued on the provincial level to cover all the issues relating to the merger.

He said steps will also be taken for legislation regarding taxation and exemptions for the erstwhile FATA. Replying to a question, the Minister said there has been no constitutional violation in the merger of FATA with Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

However, if any person has grievance on this issue, it can be taken to the Supreme Court. He said deployment of Levies in FATA will be made in a phased manner.

On another question, the Minister said elections will be held in free and transparent manner. He said courts are free and no one can intervene in their working.

He said state broadcasters have been asked to give impartial coverage to all political parties. Syed Ali Zafar said the caretaker government has invited foreign qualified professionals to sort out solutions for the national problems, including the acute shortage of water in the country.

He said the first meeting in this regard has already taken place.