Friday, December 2

MMA fighting for Islamic ideology: Siraj

LAHORE:Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq has said that the MMA was fighting the war of the country’s Islamic ideology as nations could not survive without an ideology.

Addressing an election meeting in his constituency in Dir on Monday, he urged the masses to discharge their duty of protection of the country’s ideology and its geographical borders by voting for the MMA on the 25th of July. He also inaugurated the election office of MMA candidate from NA six, Maulana Asadullah.

Sirajul Haq said that the eyes of the whole world were on the 25th July election and leading media organizations including BBC and CNN were continuously monitoring the situation. He said the foreign media and world powers wanted secular and liberal elements, who were their tools, to win the election defeating the religious and ideological forces.

He was, however, confident that the electorate would understand the enemy game and foil it. He said the parties and the candidates in the run had deceived the masses many a time and the people would not trust tem any more.

He said that allowing such people to contest elections as should have been facing accountability reflected the weakness of the electoral and accountability system.

The JI chief said that on one side were the corrupt people who had eaten up billions of the public while on the side were the neat and clean candidates of the MMA who had no dark spot on their person.

He said that the people who had got huge bank loans written off had been in power since their three generations while the masses were deprived of clean drinking water.

Sirajul Haq said that the MMA wanted to practically enforce Deen in every walk of life. He said that some people, working on the international establishment’s agenda were out to obstruct the religious forces although the majority of the people wanted the rule of the Shariah. He said the MMA was committed to enforcing Nizam e Mustafa even if it got power for a single day.

He said the MMA had a workable formula for the solution of the peoples’ problems. He said that around 25 million children were out of the schools at present only because of the wrong education policy of the past rulers. The MMA would ensure their enrolment in educational institutions. Besides, all the unemployed youth would be provided jobs and they would get unemployment allowance till they got jobs.

Sirajul Haq said the MMA would abolish interest and enforce Zakat due to which the masses would give a great response and fill the public exchequer.

He said the county at present was under foreign debt to the tune of 83 billion dollars as against which more than 500 billion dollars owned by the Pakistanis were lying in bank abroad,. He said that if this money was brought to the country, every citizen could be provided free education and health while basic utilities including electricity and gas could be provided to the masses on lower rates.