More H1N1 cases surface in Karachi

KARACHI: Three more people were diagnosed as swine flu or H1N1 positive in a private hospital of Karachi, taking the reported cases toll to 41 in the city in less than a month.

Focal Person, Sindh Health Department for Viral Diseases, Dr Zafar Mehdi, while talking to PPI, confirmed that three more people were tested positive in a private hospital of the city. He informed that a total 41 people were diagnosed swine flu or H1N1 virus.

Experts said this disease is caused by influenza virus. Fever, sore throat, flu, head ache, body ache, cough, may be productive, and upper respiratory tract infection are the symptoms of the disease. If these symptoms are not treated properly this can lead to lower tract infection, laryngitis, bronchitis, lungs infection and pneumonia, which could become fatal for the patients.

The seasonal influenza is a viral disease and it could spread from one person to other.