MUEST experts survey Mohenjo Daro

LARKANA:A 10-member survey team of Center of Excellence of Art and Design of Mehran University of Engineering, Science and Technology, Jamshoro, led by their Chairman Prof: Atta Billo visited the ancient ruins of Mohenjo Daro, near here on Friday, to assess the causes of damage to the World Heritage monuments.

They visited SD Area, Stuppa in L Area and other sites in the light of maps prepared of Sir John Marshal.

Prof. Billo told newsmen that the purpose of this survey is to assess the damage caused to the historical monuments due to weather conditions, water-logging, salinity, rains and other factors so that proper steps could be taken for their conservation on scientific lines as per the principles and recommendations of UNESCO.

He said in this connection they have full cooperation of Sindh Government’s Director General, Culture, Archaeology and Antiquity Department, Manzoor Hussain Kanasro, so that these ruins could be preserved ahead of monsoon rains and other dangers.

Architect Naveed Sangah briefed the survey team about various points where preservation work is urgently needed.

The team will stay at the site for three days, then it will prepare and submit its detailed report to the Culture and Archaeology Department, after which it is expected that funds will be allocated and released to start conservation work which is overdue.

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