Mumtaz Bhutto accuses police of supporting his rivals in land dispute

LARKANA: Several personalities called on PTI leader Mumtaz Ali Bhutto in Mirpur Bhutto and showed sympathy after the killing of his four farmers over a land dispute with Khuhro clansmen.

In a press statement issued from his ancestral village Mirpur Bhutto, Mumtaz said while talking to the people that it had all happened because of Sindh government’s help to the Khuhro community. He said police was still providing protection to Khuhro community which had also handed over possession of the land to them.

He said there was a village of Bhutto community on the land which was forcibly removed by Khuhro community and police after attacking the residents. He said that the said land had been procured from the revenue department and demarcation of which was also carried out by the settlement department by Khuhros but even then they didn’t accept it and filed suit in a civil court which was decided against them.

He said: “Even after that they had forcibly occupied the land and record proved that police were helping them because myself and my son have also been nominated in five murder cases along with others and all are on bail. He said despite registering FIRs, police had never taken any action against

them and the cases had been sent to cold storage. He said that the present situation was very doleful. He said after procuring land from revenue department, the standing forest was being removed to make the land fertile where water pumps had been installed after spending Rs 1.2 million in

getting electricity line which had even been removed by Khuhro community. Mumtaz further said that tube-wells, seeds, pesticides and other material worth millions of rupees had now been occupied by the said community.

Meanwhile, an injured person namely Suhno Kurio expired in Chandka Medical College Hospital, Larkana on Wednesday, bringing the loss of

human lives to four in the recent dispute which took place within the limits of Ketty Mumtaz police station on the new year 2018 day between Khuhro-Bhutto communities over the ownership of land.

FIR No 01/2018 has been registered at Ketty Mumtaz Police Station by Mohammad Hanif Kurio, brother of Momin Kurio who was killed, under sections 302, 324,, 148, 149, and 337 H2 PPC against 17 people, including 15 persons who have been nominated. No nominated accused has been arrested by the police till filing of this report.