Musharraf Khosa speaks

JAFFARABAD: Every effort was being made to create chaos and deterioration in the country but they would never succeed. They have left honoring institutions and were trying to take situation towards other side by creating clash among the institutions but they would never succeed. Country was heading towards progress and would continue so as it has come in the comity of developed countries.

These views were expressed by President PML-Functional Balochistan Musharraf Ali Khosa while speaking with PPI Sunday.

He said ups and down in politics causes harm to the people and there is some problem in law and order situation. People face difficulties. Pakistan is progressing country such situation may not be created as causes harm to the country and the people.

Grand alliance is a good move for the country and it was moving forward under the leadership of Pir Saeen and was showing good performance for the development of the country along with country’s institutions.

He said those who have joined Grand Alliance and working under its flag it is for the country’s development and aspiration of people. They would not create chaos for the country because objective of grand alliance is country’s progress and prosperity. It is not like PML-N that he caused damage for the country and was looting people’s money recklessly by creating lawlessness in the country. Such thing would not be allowed to happen. He aid everyone has to play his role for country’s security, stability and law and order in the country then alone country would move towards development.

Musharraf Khosa said the way Pir Saeen was striving for country’s development. There will be Pakistan first and then other things. Pakistan was heading towards vision of prosperity and would continue so. He said Bhej Pagara has been rendering sacrifices earlier and would not refrain from doing so.