NA: (Nobody can be allowed to disgrace Parliament: Ayaz Sadiq)

ISLAMABAD: The National Assembly resumed its session here at the parliament house on Tuesday with Speaker Sardar Ayaz Sadiq in the chair.

The house briefly suspended the proceedings due to lack of quorum pointed out by PTI member Arif Alvi. Rising on a point of order, Shehryar Afridi of PTI presented his point of view on the remarks made by the PTI Chairman Imran Khan against the parliament.

Responding to him, the chair said the parliament is meant to serve the masses. However, the parliament cannot deliver unless its members respect the house.

He said the parliament is the supreme institution and nobody can be allowed to disgrace the house.

He said the lawmakers should pass a legislation to bring to task those who curse the parliament. Despite repeated directions by the chair for maintaining decorum, the PTI members resorted to slogans in front of the chair.

Members belonging to PPP and the PML (N) criticized the language used by the PTI chairman against the parliament. They said the PTI Chairman should take back his words.

National Database and Registration Authority (Amendment) bill 2018 was laid before the house on Tuesday. It was moved by Saman Sultana Jafri. The House will now meet tomorrow (Wednesday) at 10.30 am.