NBP refutes PTI leader statement

Karachi: The National Bank of Pakistan (NB) here on Monday issued a clarification with reference to a statement issued by Haleem Adil Sheikh, Senior Executive Vice president of PTI (Sindh), saying the allegations deemed baseless and untrue.

National Bank of Pakistan (NBP), strongly refutes the baseless acquisitions linked with the serving CEO and President of NBP, Mr. Saeed Ahmed who associates no family relations with Mr. Ishaaq Dar (as mentioned in the issued statement).

In addition to the aforementioned facts, this is to clarify that the Prime Minister Youth Business Loan is a concessionary SME loan structured product that the bank is offering to the talented youth of the country since last four years. The centralised processing unit of PMYBL is in Karachi that processes all applications coming in from across the country.

Further, to ensure enhanced customer services and banking efficiencies within the premises, the new appointments at the National Bank of Pakistan are solely made on basis of merit with proper planning and rationale the release concluded.