‘New policies needed for undeclared war’

Karachi: Political leadership should come up with a new set of prudent policies as Pakistan is braving an undeclared war and the people should display unwavering unity and solidarity to defeat the enemy, said Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor here Wednesday.

He said though the country had been fighting the American war for last two decades but the recent tweet of the US President Trump has ended all the doubts about the undeclared war on Pakistan. He said the Pakistani nation should fight this war with unity and solidarity in its rank and file. He said the national leadership should come up with the prudent policies to defeat the enemy in this undeclared war.

Altaf Shakoor said the Pakistani nation should prepare itself for a long war. He said we will not bend our knees before the enemy. He asked for self-reliance in every field. He asked to lessen dependency on imported oil. He said petrol and energy should be saved. He said all sorts of imports should be curtailed for imposing new taxes, especially on luxury goods so that precious foreign exchange reserves could be saved.  He said instead of having marriage ceremonies in evening they should be held in day time to save electricity. He said Pakistani nation should boycott all products of the enemy who has slapped this undeclared war on their country.

He said the politicians should end their petty differences and the leg pulling process. He said unnecessarily high political temperature should be brought down immediately. He said we need exemplary unity on the political front also, as we are braving an unholy and undeclared war. He said we will not let the enemy to make Pakistan another Syria, Iraq, Libya or Afghanistan.

He said the Pakistani nation should also be mentally prepared for some sanctions and bans. He said in past we had already faced such situations and we will not surrender also this time in this undeclared war.

He asked the government to introduce new policies at the national, regional and international level in the backdrop of this undeclared war.