No letup in bike looting in Naundero region

NAUNDERO:Incidents of motorcycle snatching could not be curbed by Naundero and Garhi Khuda Bux Bhutto police as a senior journalist Ihsan Junejo and another resident were robbed of their bikes, cash, mobile phones and other valuables near Garhi Khuda Bux interchange and Saidu Laro on Sunday.

Within the last 10 days, 10 bikes have either been snatched by armed criminals or stolen from the limits of Naundero police station as the cops were busy satisfying their political masters to save their precious postings instead of serving and providing safety to the common man.

Ihsan Junejo said that he was coming to Naundero along with Sajjad Junejo when they were suddenly intercepted by three armed men who were also on a bike. He said they looted us of our bike, three mobile phones and a cash of Rs35000 at gunpoint and fled comfortably as if they had no fear of law and the area police. He said a report has been lodged at Garhi Khuda Bux police station. Junejo further said that when he went to meet the SHO Garhi Khuda Bux he was sleeping and when came he remained busy on his Facebook account ignoring us completely instead of providing us relief.

In another incident, Amanullah Mangrio was also deprived of his 125 Honda bike at Saidu Turn within Naundero police station limits. In one week, 10 people have been deprived of their motorcycle which include known singer Ghulam Ali Samo, Nasim Channa, Jabbar Bhutto, Mudasir Shaikh and others but cops are in deep sleep.

Journalists of Naundero including Jamal Dawoodpoto, Samad Jamal, Rahmat Bhutto, Salim Solangi, Lateef Solangi, Abdul Qadir Odho and others have strongly demanded of the SSP and DIGP Larkana to curb crimes immediately, recover robbed bikes and other valuables, maintain peace at least in the hometown of slain Bhutto leaders or they will be out on roads against them for their fundamental and professional rights.