o trust move against Zehri withdrawn

QUETTA: No trust move filed by 14 members against Nawab Sanaullah Zehri was withdrawn by the members following resignation of Nawab Zehri.

Extremely strict security measures were witnessed around Balochistan assembly. Heavy contingents of police and FC were deployed. All the route passing towards assembly Secretariat were closed and people had to face great difficulties due to heavy traffic jam in the area.

When the House started after one and quarter hours behind schedule, Speaker Rahila Durrani told that Nawab Sanaullah Zehri has resigned and Governor has accepted his resignation and Government of Balochistan ha issued notification to this effect and copies of this notification are put on the tables of all the members.

At today’s session No trust motion was to be moved against Chief Minister but since the office has become vacant. Any of the movers can withdraw this motion.

Abdul Quddus Bizenjo said that we were moving no trust motion but after the resignation of Chief Minister and issuance of notification we withdraw our motion. He said Nawab Sanaullah showed great wisdom. We have no personal issue with him and withdrawing no trust motion we have exercised our constitutional and democratic right. Treasury and Opposite benchers had moved this motion jointly. Since Nawab Zehri has resigned we are withdrawing our motion.

Speaker sought opinion of the House if permission may be allowed to withdraw no trust motion under Rule 110 of Balochistan Assembly Rules of procedure and conduct of Business 1974 and House unanimously agreed.

Speaker ruled that majority of House supports withdrawal of motion it is allowed to withdraw.

Leader of Opposition Maulana Abdul Wasay said that today’s assembly session as about no trust motion. He said he congratulates Nawab Sanaullah Zehri. He said he is a Nawab and we are of the onion in Balochistan traditions are respected. Nawab Zehri keeping these traditions above and respecting opinion of political parties and people of the province tendered resignation. His resignation has proved that democracy is great. We all respect democratic traditions. We have proved that whenever anyone comes to power and quits it is under democratic manner. It is not victory of anyone but it win of constitution, democracy and people of Balochistan. Nawab Sanaullah Zehri by tendering resignation has made an ehsan on democracy.

Later Speaker Rahila Durrani adjourned the House indefinitely.