Officers of Information Department thanks CM for strengthening of Information Department


Peshawar: Officers and staff of the Information and Public Relations Department, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Peshawar have extended heartiest thanks to the Chief Minister, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mr. Pervez Khattak for approving the restructuring and strengthening of the Information Department.

To laud the provincial government’s high-ups for this remarkable and matchless favour, the staff of Information Department held a thanks giving meeting at Civil Secretariat, Peshawar here on Monday.

The meeting was attended by all the employees and addressed by Additional Secretary Information, Mohammad Bashir Khan, Director Information Shuaibuddin, Station Director Pakhtunkhwa Radio Peshawar and Pictorial Publicity Officer Ehsan Mashwani.

Addl: Secretary Information, Mohammad Bashir Khan, while speaking on this occasion felicitated the staff for getting their dream fulfilled and termed this development as unprecedented.

“Getting upgradation and restructuring as not any easy task and therefore all from the Secretary Information to the honourable chief minister deserve credit for this favourable decision” he remarked.

He also urged the Information Officers to accelerate, their efforts for projecting of government’s initiatives.

“This development will not only help the existing officers but will open new avenues for the new entrants as well.” he concluded.

Responding to the demand of technical staff, he said their case of promotion can be taken up and resolved separately.

Director Information, Shuaib-ud-Din, on this occasion said that the long-cherished dream of the officers and staff of the Directorate of Information has come true adding that the honourable Chief Minister, Chief Secretary, Minister Information, Secretary Establishment, Secretary Finance and of course Secretary Information had done a great favour to the information department.

“The provincial Government while appreciating the role and existence of information department has really shown grace” he added.

He urged the officers and staff to prove their worth and come up to the expectations of the provincial high-ups. He also assured the provincial government that officers of the Information Department will leave no stone unturned to perform their duties with full dedication and conviction.

Pictorial Publicity Officer Ehsan Mashwani, on this occasion, while speaking his mind, said, this development has restored the lost dignity and prestige of the Information Department and its staff. He asked his fellow-colleagues to work hard and justify their promotion.

As per the approved summary the Information Department will have one post of grade 20, three of grade 19 and 17 of grade 18 however the total strength of the officers will remain same as 54.

It is worth mentioning that pictorial publicity section will get its staff elevated to grade 17, 16 and 14.