ISLAMABAD:The 14th Plenary Session of Parliamentary Union of OIC Member States begins at Rabat in Morocco today (Monday).

A Pakistani delegation led by Chairman Kashmir Committee Syed Fakhar-Imam will participate in the four-day conference.

The Pakistani delegation will seize the opportunity to apprise the forum about the continued Indian violation of Pakistan’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, which has brought the region to the brink of war and devastation.

The Members will also take into confidence their Parliamentary Colleagues from Muslim countries on steps taken by Parliament and government of Pakistan for ensuring peace and stability in the region in wake of recent Indian aggression.

On instructions of Speaker National Assembly, two resolutions have been included in the agenda items of the conference.

One of the resolutions is related to the situation in Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir while the second to protecting Muslim Women and Children in areas under occupation and conflict.

The delegation will also urge Muslim Ummah to take note of the prevailing situation in Occupied Kashmir and its serious implications for international and regional peace and security.