Opposition leaders-Press

QUETTA: Opposition leaders have said that they were with PML-N for new leader of the House after No trust move phase is over against former Chief Minister. But they said neither Opposition members would not be candidate for the office of Chief Minister nor would join provincial cabinet. No conspiracy was being hatched against assembly nor it is in danger. If anyone has any apprehension about conspiracy it should be brought before the masses. Opposition parties would get united and frame a common policy for Selection elections.

These views were expressed by Maulana Abdul Wasay, Sardar Akhtar Mengal, Zamrak Achakzai, and Syed Ehsan shah while addressing a Press conference at Opposition chamber of Balochistan assembly here Wednesday.

MPPAs Zafar Zehri, Tariq Magsi, Mufti Gulab, Hamal Kalmati, Molvi Maazullah, Abdul Malik, Khalilur Rehman, MNA Osman Badini and ANP leader Rasheed Nassar were also present.

JUI leader Maulana Abdul Wasay said that in view of new situation parties in the united Opposition have decided that no candidate from their parties would be candidate for the office of Chief Minister. We have fulfilled our responsibility in Opposition. Political parties PML-N and ML-Q whose members had supported us in non trust motion against Chief Minister so we would support their candidates for the office of Chief Minister.

They said we had started democratic journey and one phase has been completed as no trust motion. New phase of this journey is election of Chief Minister. Anyone who would be candidate for the office Opposition would support him. We support democratic process and would not part of any undemocratic or unconstitutional process.

Asked if he would become part of new government he said our work was of opposition which we did. We would continue our cooperation with new government but we are holding consultations against any undemocratic move.

Answering another question Maulana Abdul Wasay said that those giving statements about Senate elections should be asked about it. We would fully participate in Senate Elections. He said Why Imran Khan is asked why he was talking of postponement of election polls. We did not issue any such statement why this question is asked for us. Balochistan assembly is there and there is time for Senate elections.

BNP leader Sardar Akhtar Mengal said in consultation with parties of united Opposition decision not to become part of government has been taken. Members of Government who had moved no trust against chief minister how can they nominate any other member as Chief Minister.

Asked if the government would complete its tenure Akhtar Mengal said we are part of united Opposition and it is hopeful of completing the tenure. He told a questioner that politics runs on facts.

ANP leader Zamrak Achakzai said rumours were being spread about Senate elections. We would not support any unconstitutional move under democratic principles. He said ANP President has gone for Umrah and in his absence Ghulam Ahmad Bilour should asked about statement of Zahid Khan because our central and province statements are there.

Syed Ehsan shah of BNP-A said government performance about Senate was not good earlier and it is so even now. We are fulfilling our responsibilities remaining in opposition.