Pakistan plagued with Zainab like cases: PTI leader

LARKANA: PTI Women Wing Larkana District President Farzana Chandio said Sunday that killing Zainab Ansari in Kasur had left a black stigma on the face of the rulers who failed to track down the rapist.

She said: “Eman Fatima, Fouzia, Noor Fatima, Sanna, Asma, Laiba and countless others were also murdered but their culprits are still at large. They were also kidnapped and murdered in different parts of Kasur in 2017.” Ms Chandio said that why they were suffering from this sort of traumatic and oppressive conditions and what were the reasons behind such brutal acts.

Today in Pakistan not only Kasur city of Punjab but also entire Pakistan is suffering from such tragic and traumatic cases, she added. “When I look around the society, it is suffering from hunger. Poverty has become the destiny of man, corruption, injustice, sexual harassment, honor killing and all the newspapers are full with new incidents daily which is really heart touching and mourning.”

Ms Chandio said although we are in an era where technology has made life easy and comfortable. But, the society lacks quality of education which is the only most important source that can change the entire Pakistan. She said: “Today we are living in the society, wherein extremists and terrorists have taken birth, slowly and gradually.”

She said that they all have to raise voice against all injustices being committed by habitual criminals and offenders of law with kids which needed to be curbed with iron hands without loss of further time. She cited an example of Iran where last year a seven-year-old Atena Aslani was assaulted, killed, dumped and the Iranian government openly hanged the assaulter in front of a large crowd and since then no such case has been reported. She demanded the same exemplary punishment to the accused in Zainab’s case.