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Pakistan ranked 61 for actively taking part in charitable acts: seminar told

KARACHI: Inaugurating a seminar for media writers, columnists & bloggers on ‘Safe Charity’, the Director Individual Land (IL) Gul Mina Bilal said that according to a research, Pakistan is ranked 61 out of 135 countries overall with a 32 percent score for actively taking part in charitable acts, ranked 67th with 48% score for helping a stranger, 45th with 32 percent score donating money and 78th with a score of 16 percent for people volunteering their time.

Sharing her searched fact & figure to the writes, she added that at this scenario, one does not know whether the public giving the donations or charities to genuine organizations. She urged that a pivotal role by the government should be played in informing the public that they have to be very careful while giving donations and need to acquire information about organizations before donating so that their donations do not go in the wrong hands.

While adding another researched fact, she said Pakistanis give an estimated amount of Rs 554 billion in charity every year to seminaries, mosques, the poor and homeless people, while 78 % Pakistanis give charity and 69% give charity in the form of money.

The spokesperson Individual Land said Karachi being the largest city of Pakistan is considered to be the city where people donate more compared to other cities of Pakistan. Charity is given all round the year but people are mostly active in giving charity during the month of Ramazan as according to a research 72% of the people give charity in Ramazan.

Only 2% people are aware that their charity may be used to fund militant activities and 26% people are of the opinion that they are unaware how their charity money is being spent. Adding another Government’s based research she said 69% charity in Pakistan is given in the form of money. 68% of the people donate money to the poor and homeless people, 54% donate to their needy relatives. 14% of the people donate for the education of poor people. 8% donate to the victims of terrorism and 5% people donate to hospitals, but apart from this only 2% of the people are aware that their charity is used to fund militant activities.. In the discussion all the media writers, bloggers & journalists expressed their widal point of view.

Summing Up the discussions the spokes person (IL) Gul Mina Bilal urged that government has to take the initiative to create awareness amongst the public regarding safe charity practices by organizing seminars and sensitization sessions and also involving the local government to inform the public that before donating to any organization they need to acquire information about that organization that whether it is a genuine organization or only collecting donations for their illegal activities. The Spoke person Individual Land Organization Sudus Syeda has also briefed the gathering. Seminar was conducted at Hotel Embassy Inn Karachi and Pakistan Federal Council of Columnists Members also participated in numbers.

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