Pakistan should not take Trump’s threats seriously: Siraj

LONDON: The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Chief Senator Sirajul Haq on Saturday said that the US was not in a position to do any big activity against Pakistan, so Islamabad should not take Trump’s threats seriously.

Speaking at a reception hosted in his honor by the Pakistan Rabita Council in London, Siraj said the US outrage against Pakistan was to ventilate its anger over the defeat of the US and NATO forces in Afghanistan.

A large number of city elite, including the Ulema, politicians, and common citizens, a well known social figure Syed Shaukat Ali, were present. The JI deputy Secretary General Muhammad Asghar was accompanying the party chief during his visit.

Siraj said that Allah Almighty had blessed Pakistan with a highly strategic geographical location. Soviet Union could not win in Afghanistan without Pakistan’s help nor could the US succeed there. He said the US should have learnt a lesson from the defeat and dismemberment of the Soviet Union.

He said that Trump was issuing warnings of doing this and that but he too believed that he could do nothing. He said that the US would have to abandon its colonial designs and work for world peace by giving up its hypocrisy.

The JI chief said that the Pakistanis were a brave nation and they would prefer death to slavery. He said that the situation the country was facing today was only due to the cowardly rulers who considered the US as their master and bowed to Washington instead of Allah Almighty.

Referring to the Kashmir issue, Siraj said that if the issue was not resolved, a nuclear war could break out in the region and engulf the entire world, and those who had been a silent spectator too could not remain safe.

He said that Pakistan was afflicted with moral, ideological and financial corruption. He said that corruption was found only among the elite and it was high time that the elite was brought to accountability.