Pakistan to play leading role in fight against Climate Change: Hammad

ISLAMABAD: Mr Ken O’Flaherty, Regional Ambassador of Climate Change of UK for Asia-Pacific and South Asia called on Federal Minister for Energy Muhammad Hammad Azhar here on Tuesday.

According to a press release, the Minister for Energy reiterated that Pakistan is committed to play a leadership role in the fight against climate issues by taking exemplary and massive steps including successful campaign of planting 10 billion trees, developing indigenous renewable energy sources and concentrating on green energy projects.

He said apart from the projects in pipeline, future power projects would be Renewable Energy based. Muhammad Hammad Azhar also underscored the need to work on mutual cooperation in the field of renewable energy technology and capacity building of human resource in order to harness the available potential of Renewable Energy (RE) in the country.

Mr KEN lauded and acknowledged the commitment of Pakistan towards mitigating climate change challenges being faced by the region. He was hopeful that the steps taken by the incumbent government would go a long way in ameliorating the climatic conditions at the regional level in particular and global level in general.

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