LARKANA: Entire paramedical staff of Chandka Medical College Hospital boycotted their government duties and took out a rally from the OPD of the hospital here on Sunday against police torture on their colleagues in Karachi and for acceptance of their demands.

The participants marched through various roads and held demo at Jinnah Bagh roundabout. The worst affected remained the poor poverty-stricken patients who continued to arrive at the hospital regularly in the hope that the largest teaching hospital must have started working but they returned empty handed and hopelessly without getting any treatment or required diagnostic tests.

Mahmood Chandio, Jabbar Narejo, Ghulam Hussain Langah, Munwar Mangi, and Zamir Sangi said that their protests shall continue across Sindh till their justified demands are accepted as the Sindh government has constantly kept at false promises. They said that they are not being treated at par with other Sindh government employees and they are being step-motherly treated and discriminated.

They said that their justified demands include awarding of health allowance, service structure, son quota, promotions and deceased quota which are also allowed to other employees of the provincial government. They said that employees appointed 30 years ago have retired in the same scale which is highhandedness of the health department and denial of basic rights which we condemn in strongest possible words adding for which health department bosses should be taken to task.

They said that many employees have been infected with deadly diseases in operation theatres and wards but treatment is not available for them in reputable hospitals which is unjust. On the other hand all operation theatres, OPDs and diagnostic labs and departments remained shut and no work was carried out in the morning except emergency departments and operations. Over 40 different departments are working in this largest hospital of upper Sindh which caters to the needs of over 12 districts of Sindh and parts of Balochistan and lower Punjab.