People foil bid to kidnap journalist’s daughter

LARKANA: People of LahoriMuhalla foiled an attempt to kidnap the daughter of a senior journalist here on Sunday evening.

According to details, a 12-year-old daughter of MashooqueOdhano, Bureau Chief of Sindhi Daily Kawish in Larkana, was coming back to her house in LahoriMuhalla from his aunt’s house when a criminal tried to abduct her. She started crying and people of the locality apprehended him and handed over him to Civil Lines police station. The accused was identified as AltafSiyal.

The police have registered the case and started further probe into it. The criminal’s previous record is also being verified, sources revealed. Police said that accused Siyal was telling them that he is resident of NazarMuhalla, Larkana.

Odhano told that his daughter is the student of class VI. He said: “Now she is telling me that the same criminal also tried a day before to snatch her schoolbag but she ran away. He said it should also be investigated that why the kidnapper was targeting his daughter as he attempted for two constant days.