Friday, January 27

Physics subjects have not been changed since past 15 years in Sindh

LARKANA:There is lot of deficiency in researched work which has been presented today by various professors who have arrived here from many colleges of Sindh and have presented their papers on the subject “Role of Counselling in Career Development”.

This was stated by Secretary, Colleges, Dr. Pervaiz Ahmed Sehar, while delivering his presidential address in a seminar held on the subject at World Heritage site of Moenjo Daro. Sehar said the papers read here should have included changes in the latest research and development being carried out in the world which would have showed us new trends in the field of education.

He said it was a research based meeting therefore he was of the view that the papers read should have been presented in the form of a document. He said many mistakes will take place by us but for that we must discuss the same and resolves the issues. He said he believes in trust, intelligence and character which ultimately build a beautiful and bright career.

He said: “We will have to keep an eye on the world’s development in the fields of technology and computer science. We will have to see where we are standing in the global development. The world is making rapid development and due to which others are also following them.

Sehar said resources were reducing due to pressure of population. Sehar said China, Japan and Germany had left behind all other countries in technological development and they should again see where they were standing at the moment. He said such moots should be held in future with the condition that only proper researched papers will be presented.

Deputy Director Colleges Vijay Kumar said that our goal should be education and development. He said at the moment, three kind of teachers are working in Sindh which include those who are relaxing, habitual of obtaining leaves and third who are running their coaching centers.

He said: “In Larkana Board, marks are being sold at between Rs 60,000 and 70,000 which is known from top bureaucrats to a peon.” He said physics subject had not been changed since last 15 years adding Sindh Text Book Board had completely failed in its job. Vijay Kumar further said that out of 22 colleges of Sindh, 12 had completely failed where no counselling was made by the teachers. He said that when raids were conducted, teachers told everything to their colleagues in other colleges and schools to be prepared to face the situation.

Prof. Zamir Ahmed Sohu, Prof. Bashir Ahmed Mugheri, Kaniz Fatima, Najma Shah, Salma Memon, Fouzia Butt and other read their papers.