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PM: (Govt reduces current account deficit by 75% in first year: PM)

February 14, 2020

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan has said that the government reduced current account deficit by 75 percent in its first year, which is a big achievement.

Talking to reporters on Friday, he said the government successfully dealt with difficult economic situation with the cooperation of friendly countries including Saudi Arabia, China and the UAE, and today current account deficit stands at 2.5 billion dollars.

He said the government paid 10 billion dollars loan in the first year, which saved Pakistan from default. He said if Pakistan had defaulted, dollar’s value would have gone beyond 200 rupees as the country would have to face sanctions.

The Prime Minister said the country had only two weeks foreign exchange reserves when PTI came to power. He said the last government left 1250 billion rupees circular debt in power sector, which compelled the government to increase electricity prices.

He said circular debt has also been reduced from 36 billion rupees to 12 billion rupees in a month. He said the government also controlled electricity theft worth 100 billion rupees.

Imran Khan said the government is committed not to further increase electricity prices. He said the last government struck LNG contract with Qatar for 15 years at higher rates and today, gas is available at low rates.

He said the country enjoys unprecedented respect and a historic positive image in the world today due to the government’s successful policies.

He said the government is investigating the recent flour and sugar crisis, and the facts in this regard will be brought forth. He said a system will be developed to ensure that such a situation does not develop again.

He said there are cartels in the country, which increase prices, and the government will tackle them. He said Competition Commission will be made effective.

Responding to questions, the Prime Minister said corruption has to be eliminated for real growth in the country. He said the government is committed to act against corrupt elements.

He said the government will introduce electoral laws, which will ensure transparent elections through technology so that no one could make allegations of rigging.

The Prime Minister said the opposition does not want the government succeed and resorts to destabilizing acts. He said these people have no concern for the people or the country and they are doing politics for their personal gains.

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