PM:(Govt to complete its tenure and general elections to be held on time: PM)

Islamabad:Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi says the government will complete its term and elections will then take place within sixty days.

In an interview, he said he does not see any obstacle that could prevent general elections 2018 from taking place on time.

The Prime Minister said he has commenced talks with Leader of the Opposition Khursheed Shah about the caretaker prime minister but a name is yet to be proposed by either side.

Talking about the upcoming election for the Senate chairman, the Prime Minister said PML-N desires that the leader of the upper house should be elected with consensus.

He said the Senate and national politics of the country have suffered “immense losses” in this month’s Senate elections because of horse-trading, which he claimed was “very apparent”.

In response to a question, the Prime Minister said it is a requisite of justice that courts not only deliver justice, but justice must also be seen to be done.

He said Pakistan has witnessed rapid economic growth during the last five years and there is no need to go to IMF for any assistance.

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