PM:(Pakistan fighting largest war on terror in world with its own resources: PM)

By PPI News Agency Jan6,2018

Islamabad: Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi says he is mystified by the US threats to cut off funding to Pakistan, saying the US financial assistance to the country is very, very insignificant while the country is in the forefront of war on terror.

In an interview ,the prime minister said Pakistan is fighting the largest war on terror in the world with its own resources.

He said the reports that the US was considering cuts of up to two billion dollar in security assistance were bewildering because the total aid, civilian and military, Pakistan actually received was a tiny fraction of that amount.

The prime minister said the aid in the last five years at least has been less than 10 million dollars a year. It is a very, very insignificant amount.

So when I read in the paper that aid at the level of 250 or 500 or 900 million dollars has been cut, we at least are not aware of that aid.

Shahid Khaqan Abbasi said Pakistan is a sovereign country and it has always abided by international conventions.

He said we are today fighting the largest war on terror in the world. We are fighting the world’s war on terror with our own resources. That is something the world has to appreciate.

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