Friday, February 3

PN: (Two Pak Navy ships arrive at Jubail Port of Saudi Arabia)

ISLAMABAD: Two ships of Pakistan Navy PNS Tippu Sultan and PNS Himmat along with a ship of Pakistan Maritime Security Agency PMSS Bisol have arrived at Jubail Port of Saudi Arabia.

Upon arrival they were warmly received by the officers and soldiers of Royal Saudi Naval Forces. Pakistani ships will participate in multinational joint exercise Gulf Shield-1 organized by Royal Saudi Naval Forces.

Pakistan Navy’s Special Services Group, Pak Marines, Maritime Patrol Aircraft and a P3C Orion aircraft will also take part in the drill.

The Gulf Shield 1 Joint drill is taking place in Eastern Region with participation of military forces from 23 countries as well as the Saudi forces. The drill aims at raising the military readiness of the participating countries, modernizing the joint mechanisms and enhancing coordination and cooperation.

During the exercise, observers from various countries will visit Pakistani flotilla. This drill reflects strong bilateral defence ties between Pakistan and Saudi Arabia.