Friday, January 27

Police makes mockery of courts, SHC observes in missing person case

Karachi: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Thursday expressed its severe annoyance over the police for its lethargic attitude in missing person cases, observing that police officials were making fun of the courts.

Justice Aftab Ahmed Gorar, one of the members of the bench hearing bunch of petitions filed for the recovery of several people, remarked that in these cases a similar type of comments are submitted before the court with slight amendments.

The court was informed by a lawyer that his son Noor Mohammad had been missing for last five years, fearing that his son was whisked away by a team led by former SSP Malir Rao Anwar.

The investigating officer told the judges that letters had been written to all concerned institutions to trace the missing son of the lawyer but when the court asked him to submit the copies of same letters he replied, “I forgot to bring these letters today.”

Putting off the matter till April 26, the court sought progress report from all concerned departments.