Political parties agree to EC Code of Conduct

KARACHI:An important meeting regarding Election Commission Code of Conduct was held at Sindh Secretariat, with major heads of all political parties. It was chaired by Secretary Home Haroon Ahmed Khan. The secretary home said the purpose of the meeting was to discuss important points regarding election 2018.

The Election Commission Code of Conduct was made by mutual consensus and advises. The need was stressed that all political parties should abide by the rules and regulations given in the code of conduct. It was told in the meeting that all political parties, district heads of administration, district police, district election office and district polling staff should interact and coordinate each other. AIGP Muhstaq Mehar said as per Election Commission Code of Conduct, they all were supposed to follow and act upon the rules and regulations set by the Election Commission of Pakistan in the Code of Conduct.

No political party is allowed to put their flags, banners and panaflex on any government buildings. During rally, all political parties should represent a focal person who looks after and manage the rally so that no common citizen of the area will suffer any kind of misconduct or problem. Mehar further emphasized that all political parties are bound to take permission for their corner meetings at least 24 hours before and for party rally, permission should be taken at least three days earlier.

Mehar listened to all political parties’ reservations by their heads and assured them with clarification that election process will go on smoothly. All political heads have given their advises regarding the betterment and smooth process of election. Provincial Election Commissioner Mohammad Yousuf Khan Khattak had also listened to them and noted their advises. He further said that the Election Commission of Pakistan is making all our efforts to ensure free, fair and transparent elections.