Political parties denounce illegal power outages in Naundero


NAUNDERO: All Parties Conference (APC) was held here on Tuesday evening at Rest House in which more than 25 political, non-political, religious, trade and literary organizations took part against worst electricity and gas load shedding in the hometown of martyred Bhutto leaders which according the participants is sheer violation of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s declared policy to conduct 8-hour outage in towns and villages and six-hour in cities.

The event was presided over by Rahmatullah Morio, President, Benazir Bhutto Press Club. PPP’s Khalid Memon, Action Committee’s Ghulam Hyder Narejo, PPP-SB’s Salim Channa, PML-Nawaz’s Javed Bhutto, JUI-Fazal’s Maulana Abdul Qudoos, PML-Functional’s Nasim Mangnejo, Hindu Panchyat’s Seth Lokchand, PTI’s Naeem Bhutto and others took part.

They unanimously decided to start struggle systematically from Monday, July 25 when complete shutterdown will be observed in Naundero against the highhandedness of Sepco authorities and local office of operation division will be beseiged. In the second phase, railway track will be jammed and all train’s movement will be blocked and in the third phase local Sepco offices will be locked and massive sit-in will be staged in front of grid station main gate which will continue till the declared policy of the Prime Minister is complied with.

They warned local Sepco authorities that if their justified demands are not accepted, they will be forced to come out on roads along with all residents of adjoining villages who will seal all entry points. They said that it is blatant act to deprive domestic consumers of gas and electricity due to which their lives have become extremely worrisome as they are already facing worst poverty, unemployment and price hike. They also urged the higher authorities to take notice of the violation of established policy and step-motherly treatment of Sepco officials.

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