PPF to form platform for freelance journalists

KARACHI: Pakistan Press Foundation (PPF) in collaboration with Open Society Foundation (OSF) organized a three-day workshop on the theme of ‘safety for freelance journalists based in Sindh’.

The training workshop was attended by freelance and staff journalists from various areas of Sindh.

It focused on first-aid, safety and security of journalists. Trauma awareness, stress and risk management were also included in the training.

The journalists were told how they should work in dangerous areas, maintaining their own security. Better risk management and awareness of threats is must in this profession. They were told about the importance of first aid in the field of journalism.

Those who spoke and answered the questions of journalists included Owais Aslam Ali of PPF and Mansoor Shaikh Director General Public Relations, Information Department of Sindh.

Owais Aslam Ali said it has been observed in Pakistan that both staff journalists and freelance journalists face several problems including their safety and security issues. In this regard PPF has always supported them and organized workshops and training programs for them. PPF wants to form a network through which the freelance journalists could be facilitated.

Ali said that they would launch a website soon for the freelance journalists. As security and training is important for the journalists, we will form a team for working on these issues, he said, adding a policy would also be formed for the freelance journalists.

Mansoor Shaikh said that his department would facilitate the freelance journalists. He recommended that an association should be formed for them through which they can raise and get resolved their problems.