PPP, PTI two faces of same base coin: Gulalai

KARACHI: The PPP and PTI are two faces of same base coin. People rejected the corrupt politicians when they staged a sit-in in Punjab a few days ago. Many politicians are involved in massive corruption, while people are braving lack of civic facilities.

These views were expressed by Member of National Assembly (MNA) Ayesha Gulalai, addressing a press conference in the Karachi Press Club (KPC) here on Friday.

She said the bad governance is as its peak in Sindh and KPK provinces. Regretting, poor civic facilities in Sindh, she; however, said she was happy to visit Sindh, which is the land of respected and proud people. Sindh is also the backbone of Pakistan.

She recalled that the port city Karachi was once known as the city of lights but later it was made a city of bloodsheds. She said thousands of innocent people were murdered in target killings in this city. She said the Karachiites lack even basic facility of potable water. She said the law and order situation in Karachi remained in shambles for a long time till our brave Rangers carried out successful operation and maintained law and order situation in the port city.

She said Karachi is the economic engine of Pakistan and it is also famous for being a mini-Pakistan as people belonging to different areas of Pakistan are settled here. She regretted that civic infrastructure in the city is very poor and there are no urban facilities available here.

Ayesha also criticized the performance of Sindh police, saying it was being misused by corrupt politicians. This is why hundreds of innocent people like Naqeeb Mehsud have already been killed in fake encounters by notorious cops like Rao Anwar on the behest of corrupt politicians. If there were professional police and proper justice system in our country then aggrieved people would have not taken to streets.

She alleged that Pakistan Tahreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and Pakistan Peoples; Party (PPP) are two faces of the same base coin, adding neither Sindh nor KPK is developed. There is bad governance and heap of garbage in both provinces.

She said Sindh has the worst education system. She asked if students are allowed cheating in examinations, how they could become good doctors and engineers. She recalled that an education minister of Sindh had recruited thousands of teachers after getting heavy bribes from them. She asked why the government did not take action against this notoriously corrupt minister.

Gulalai said the historical places of Sindh including Mohenjo Daro, Makli and Kotdiji are being destroyed and there is no master plan to save these historical places.

She alleged that Asma Rani was killed by a relative of PTI leaders. Mashal Khan was also killed by people related to the PTI leaders but these murderers are yet to be arrested. People of Sindh and KPK are seeking for justice but PPP and PTI rulers are busy in corruption.

She alleged that KPK Chief Minister has carried out a massive corruption in his province. She regretted that the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) was showing double standard and carrying out selective operation on political basis.

She demanded that all murders cases including murders of Shahzaib, Asma Rani, Mashal Khan and Shareefan Bibi should be sent to the military courts.

However, Ayesha Gulalai announced that she will soon launch her own political party ‘PTI-Gulalai’ also in Sindh and raise voice for the rights of people. She appealed the people of Sindh to support her so as to get rid of corrupt people.