President: (Affiliation with cultural heritage imperative for development of country: President)

ISLAMABAD: President Mamnoon Hussain has said that affiliation with cultural heritage and its promotion is imperative for the image building and development of the country.

Addressing the concluding ceremony of national calligraphy competition here on Wednesday, he pointed out the nations which focussed on promotion of their cultural heritage remained successful in all walks of life. Cultural values, he stressed, provides basis for literary and economic development of the country.

He said that the young calligraphers through their artistic work are doing a national service that will be prove to be beneficial for the development of other fields.

He said that given the magnificent artwork produced by the young calligraphers in the national competition, the future of calligraphy is very bright in Pakistan. It is a matter of satisfaction that the art of calligraphy is shifting from one generation to the other.

He expressed the confidence that the young calligraphers will bring good name to the name through their artwork by also exploring modern trends in the field.

He said it is a matter of honour for us that a Pakistani calligrapher Shafiq uz Zaman had an opportunity work in Masjid-e-Nabvi.

The President especially appreciated the services rendered by the division of national history and literary heritage are commendable and hoped that it will continue its efforts to promotion of such healthy activities.

In his remarks on the occasion, Adviser on National History and Literary Heritage Irfan Siddiqui, an institute of calligraphy has been established for the training of youth in this field.

He said we have also recently signed an agreement with Turkey and also desire the same with Iran for the training of youth in calligraphy.

He said the way the art of calligraphy is promoting harmony amongst our youth will also prove to vital in promoting goodwill and harmony amongst the Islamic countries.

Earlier, the President gave away cash prizes and awards to the winners of the calligraphy competition.