President PML-F Balochistan

JAFFARABAD: of PML-N wrong policies and no respect for institutions cause political worries in the country and people’s interests are forgotten to establish monarchy in the country for self and relatives. With the result development in the country is not possible. There is another reason that PML-N forgets its allies but at time of need they bent on their feet. Their thinking is of olden time tradition. They do not understand that today’s is modern era and during this period country has reached to what level.

These views were expressed by President PML-F Balochistan Musharraf Ali Khosa while speaking with PPI Thursday.

Musharraf Khosa said armed forces were striving to make Pakistan strong but PML-N was following olden traditions. They were tagged with trouble by such monarchy and causing damage to the country.

Khosa was of the view we think new government would make new Balochistan and we hope that new cabinet would bring Balochistan its lost happiness and looted money and control corruption. It would also work for improving law and order situation. It would make provincial development possible. It would restore District police in the province and forgive and end to English era Sardari system of Levies> Police would work independent and would work for peace and stability. New Government he said would play its role merit and end unemployment thus country would make progress. Such a policy would make people country and province prosperous.

Pir Saeen has been rendering sacrifices for the country earlier and would not refrain from this now on he added.