Friday, February 3

Proportional electoral system last hope for Pakistan: Altaf Shakoor

KARACHI: Pasban e Pakistan President Altaf Shakoor here Sunday said the proportional electoral system is the last hope of Pakistan and Pakistanis, as the present corrupt election system, whose main identity is horse-trading, is tailored to serve the vested interests of the elite class.

In a statement here, he said the present political culture is doing no good to the common man. Majority of politicians are concerned about to grab power, using even undemocratic norms like horse trading. He said for bringing a true democracy in Pakistan we should go for the system of proportionate representation.

He said the proportional representation systems are used by most of the world’s major democracies. Under this system, representatives are elected from multi-seat constituencies in proportion to the number of votes received. This system assures that political parties or candidates will have the percent of legislative seats that reflects their public support. A party or candidate need not come in first to win seats.

He said the proportional representation system is successfully running in Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Denmark, Holland, Greece, Spain, Austria, Australia, Mexico, Portugal, Japan, Russia, Italy, Ireland, Israel, Poland, Hungary, New Zealand, Iceland, Brazil, Nicaragua, Norway, Finland, Venezuela, South Africa and other nations.

He said as a contrast the “winner-take-all” system is used in France, Great Britain, and a few of Britain’s former colonies that inherited it: the United States, Canada, India and Pakistan.

He said sadly Pakistan is gradually becoming a two-party electoral system, virtually, giving no space to the smaller parties. He said; however, the proportional representation allows small parties to be a credible alternative to voters, giving them a national audience for their views to advance new ideas.

Altaf Shakoor demanded for holding a referendum to ask the people if they like the proportional representation system in Pakistan. He predicted that if such a referendum is ever held the people of Pakistan would surely opt for the proportional system as it is more democratic and people-friendly. He also appealed the political parties and civil society of Pakistan to raise voice against present undemocratic trends like horse trading and monopoly of a few politicians and break this monopoly with the proportionate election system.

Pasban leader said the present political system has only benefited the elite class and it is making the rich richer and the poor poorer. He said we cannot make Pakistan a true Islamic welfare state unless we end this politics of musical chairs game and give a better representation to the masses in our elected houses, which presently have become dens of corrupt Waderas, feudal lords and tycoons. He said these corrupt people would not change the fate of this country as their agenda is to maximize their own wealth.

Altaf Shakoor said the Pasban from the day one has been demanding a real system change in Pakistan to end injustice and bring equality. He said this dream would only be materialized when we have the proportionate election system in Pakistan. He said let the people of Pakistan decide and chose a proper electoral system for them through a referendum.