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Protests held in Larkana and Naundero

June 11, 2019

LARKANA:PPP activists took out a rally from Kennedy market, which after marching through various roads, culminated at Jinnah Bagh here on Tuesday against arrest of their co-chairman Asif Zardari in the money laundering case.

The participants were shouting slogans against NAB and the federal government. They protesters included Abdul Fatah Bhutto, Khair Muhammad, Muhammad Ali, Noordin, Ghulam Rasul, Ghulam Qadir, Kamran, Imran, Asghar Halepoto, Punhal Luhar and others.

While addressing the participants, they said that poverty-ridden people are even unable to eat one time meal as rates of all eatable items have been increased to a level which poor masses cannot afford. They demanded release of Zardari or else they added their rallies and protests will continue.

On the other hand, shutter down strike was observed for an hour by the shopkeepers in Naundero, hometown of Bhutto leaders, for which PPP activists requested them to protest against the arrest of Asif Zardari. The activists gathered early morning at Allahwala roundabout, burnt tyres and staged sit-in blocking the main road which caused difficulties for the residents and the commuters in carrying out their day today jobs. After half an hour when the sun became hot they dispersed peacefully and the entire business returned to normality as all shops were opened except few owned by activists who have become millionaires overnight.

Those who took part in the protest included municipal committee chairman A. D. Bhutto who is also looking after Bhutto Estate, PPP city president Arshad Shah Rashdi, Khalid Memon, Anwar Buriro and others. While talking to newsmen they said that through NAB-Gardi PPP leaders and activists cannot be terrified. They said jails are not new for the leaders and workers of peoples party adding arrest of Zardari has been made to force him to get off his hands over 18th amendment. They demanded withdrawal of reference against Asif Zardari.

Meanwhile, two shopkeepers told this scribe on condition of anonymity that during the PPP rule nothing has been done in this town, jobs were given to selected persons who should now come out on roads, no development has been made hence they will not close down their trade daily because we also have to repay our loans or for commodities which we procure from distributors, they added.

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