PTA:(PTA taking steps to block hateful material on social media)

Islamabad:Pakistan Telecommunication Authority is taking comprehensive steps to block sectarian, hateful and blasphemous material on social media.

According to PTA officials, after the posting of blasphemous material on Facebook efforts have been made to communicate with the social media application authorities based in the US regarding the blockage of such blasphemous material in Pakistan.

It has also been communicated to Facebook authorities that publishing of blasphemous material is not allowed on pretext of freedom of speech.

Facebook has ensured Pakistan Telecommunication Authority that objectionable material will be blocked.

In addition, FIRs have been registered against the individuals found to be involved in posting and sharing such kind of information.

PTA is regularly sending SMS messages to mobile users to report any incident of blasphemous or hateful information they see on social media applications.