PTI govt failed on all fronts: Baloch


Lahore:Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has said that contrary to its claims, the government was a failure on all fronts.

Talking to different delegations here, he said that during the one hundred ten days of the PTI government, there had been a rise in unemployment, prices of electricity and gas while the taxes on utilities had been enhanced which had added to the problems of the general public.

He said, the plight of the growers of sugarcane, wheat and rice had worsened but the federal and the provincial governments remained unmoved.

The JI Secretary General underscored the need of a uniform education system all over the country to promote national unity and harmony. He also demanded implementation of the Supreme Court decision in regard to the introduction of Urdu as official language and adopting Urdu as the medium of expression in the competitive examinations. He said that the so called English knowing class had done irreparable harm to the nation.

Welcoming the restoration of Students Unions in Azad Kashmir, Liaqat Baloch urged the federal and other provincial governments to also restore the students unions in universities and colleges for the political grooming of the youth.

The JI Secretary General counseled the rulers to get out of the US grip completely as the US was totally unreliable.

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