Friday, January 27

PTI leader flays barbaric operation against Kashmiris

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Sindh Women’s Wing President Nusrat Wahid said Wednesday that the barbaric operation against people of Kashmir by Indian Army would not be tolerated.

“The International Human Rights Commissions and agencies, specially UNO, should take immediate notice and call India to stop the genocide of innocent Kashmiris,” she said.

UNO must take drastic action against the government of India and call Prime Minister Modi to stop the genocide of the innocent Kashmiris immediately.

According to the Geneva Convention and international human rights’ rules and regulations, the Indian Army should be taken to task and must be ordered to stop the barbaric actions on women and children of Kashmir.

She said: “The world must take notice of the Indian atrocities on innocent people of Kashmir by the Indian Army.” She also demanded of the government of Pakistan and its rulers to call upon the Indian Ambassador in Pakistan and ask him to stop the genocide of innocent Kashmiris in the held Kashmir.