PTI MNA sees external elements unable to derail democracy

KARACHI: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) MNA Nusrat Wahid has said that neither anti-Pakistan opposition can remove the PTI government nor the external elements are capable to derail country’s democracy.

In a statement on Sunday, she said an international lobby, headed by Modi, wanted to destabilize Pakistan and oust Khan’s government while the opposition parties had become the part of Modi’s conspiracy as it wanted to create panic and chaos in the country just to get their personal interest.

Nusrat revealed that the opposition had prepared a plot, but our army and intelligence agencies would destroy it. The opposition should realize about their plot and conspiracy against country as well as nation, hence, they must consider the interests of country rather than own benefits, says PTI MNA.

She said: “The PDM has the right to hold a peaceful protest, but it would not be allowed to take the law in its hands or any act which is against the country and if the opposition parties do so, they would have to face dire consequences because the law takes its own legal way against offenders.”

She further disclosed that the Muslim League-N and Peoples Party will leave Maulana Fazal-ur-Rehman after using him in tough time as both parties wanted to divert attention from corruption cases and taking shelter of PDM, but people of Pakistan had refused both parties and definitely opposition’s movement would be failed, and the government will maintain the law and order situation at any cost.