PTI (PTI battling for corruption free Pakistan)

Sialkot: President PTI Central Punjab Abdul Aleem Khan has said that his party has been battling for establishing the corruption free “new Pakistan” under the dynamic leadership of PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

Adding that PTI’s this battle now has reached in the final round against the corrupt incumbent rulers, who had plundered the national exchequer by leaps and bounds.

He stated this while talking to the PTI Sialkot based leaders, who called on him at his office. PTI Central leaders Umer Dar and Usman Dar (the UDs) led this delegation.

Abdul Aleem Khan added that the disqualified Nawaz Sharif had ever been in forefront with the people whom derailed the democracy and democratic system in the county.

He said that in this prevailing political scenario, the PTI was taking its nation-wide movement against the massive corruption of the incumbent rulers, to its logical end, which would be the end of the political monarchy of the Sharifs and their families as well.

He said that the PTI will win the 2018 general elections with the heavy mandate of the masses to be given to the PTI in 2018 general elections, saying that now the politically matured people will bring PTI into power, besides, ousting the corrupt politicians from power, with the power of their votes as well.

The Sialkot based Central Leaders of PTI, Umer Dar and Usman Dar(the UDs) said that next turn to rule the country was the turn of the PTI, saying that now only the PTI has the full capabilities to oust the corrupt rulers from the power and purge the country from corruption and corrupt rulers and politicians as well